The relaxed life

At the Bavarian sea

"Living means writing things from the to-do to the what-to list every now and then." And that's also how the Chiemsee Chalet ticks.

Pure relaxation - light, unbothered and soothing.

It's actually quite simple: the chalet is a retreat from the speed and hectic pace of our everyday lives. The pulse slows down and there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate your own deceleration.

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Infinity pool

How about swimming in the outdoor infinity pool towards the horizon? Always with a far-reaching view of the Bavarian sea, which almost takes your breath away - despite the good air up here.

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Yoga at the edge of the forest

Enjoy a yoga session on the pool deck with a view of Lake Chiemsee or in the middle of nature at the edge of the forest and let the landscape and the panoramic view take effect on you.

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Experience and retreat site

Find your personal relaxation spot. Whether at the pool bar, the BBQ outback, the forest platform, the barefoot path, or the farm garden. Favorite places to dream, relax or socialize.

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Private sauna

There is a lot to experience in the 9 chalet suites: for example, heat up your own private sauna in the apartment to sweat out the daily grind.

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Outdoor hot tub

In the hot tub with a view (category Bergwiese, Seeleben and König Chalet Suite) enjoy the perfectly chilled wine from your own wine climate control cabinet. Wellness in absolute privacy. Relaxation without limit.

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Wellness vacation

Crown your wellness vacation with a soothing, alpine-inspired massage. At the Chiemsee Chalet we rely on high-quality, pure natural cosmetic body care products from VITALIS and TEAM DR JOSEPH.


SPA Award 2021


15 / 20 points

A flawless hideaway in a dreamlike location, namely almost solitary on a hill above Lake Chiemsee - the view is as magnificent as it is invigorating. It acts ...