Longing for mountains and sea.

Between Munich and Salzburg. Between rest and activity. For hours, for days, forever.

One feels it earlier, the other later: the longing for the mountains and the sea. Getting out of the city to make your dreams come true. Finally, fresh air to breathe. The desire to stroll through dewy mountain meadows to pick wild herbs. To feel freedom. Or is it the longing for the simple things that are so precious to us after all: a home in the mountains, if only for a few precious days. Retreat into silence. To relax. A place where you can be "me". A place that you may only share with a few people.

Without compromises. Without constraints. Detached from everyday life. Just you and me. Sometimes with family or friends. But always very close to yourself. So here it is, the place where dreams become reality. The view of the Bavarian Sea captivates you: far, infinitely far it reaches. All the way to the horizon. Upper Bavaria lies at your feet. From sunrise to sunset. And at night, a canopy of a thousand and one stars stretches across the sky. If there weren't so many wonderful things to experience close by, you would never want to leave this place.