Back to the roots.

We invite you to pause and intensively perceive the pure forces of our native nature.

Inspired by our Chiemgau mountains, fragrant conifers, native meadow herbs and the power of the primal elements warming fire, purifying water, strong earth and clear air, we have put together a selection of soothing, relaxing or vitalizing massages for you.

For all our treatments we use only pure natural products. A selection of our treatment products as well as all Botanical SPA highlights that you will find in your chalet can also be purchased from us for use at home or as a gift at the hotel reception.

Enjoy your wellness time and recharge your batteries for body and soul at the Chiemsee Chalet.


Spa menu

Our massages & wellness rituals.

The product line

VITALIS & TEAM DR JOSEPH is certified organic and 100% natural. The product line stands for the best of two worlds: Folk medicine in symbiosis with the most modern, scientific knowledge. Purest substances and finest technology, the genius of nature.

Bergwiesn ritual - aroma oil massage

Choose, according to your preferences, from our local organic mountain and medicinal herb oils: Morning ritual: invigorating, activating, vitalizing / Fitness ritual: muscle-loosening, concentration-increasing / Relaxation ritual: nerve-calming, harmonizing / Defense ritual: detoxifying, immune-strengthening.

Alkaline massage - The classic

A soothing and relaxing back, neck, face or optional full-body massage with alkaline milk that relieves muscle tension, purifies and simply does you good. Also available as a stronger sports massage.

Barefoot path - foot reflexology massage

By stimulating the reflex zones on the foot, the body functions can be harmonized, blockages can be released and a deep state of relaxation can be created. Not possible during pregnancy due to the strong draining effect!

We recommend to request applications already at the time of room reservation or to announce them at least 2 weeks before the start of your vacation. This is the best way for us to fulfill your wishes. You are welcome to inform us of these by e-mail, via our contact form or by telephone.



The treatments offered on this page are pure wellness measures. These are only suitable for use on healthy individuals. Please inform us in advance of any health conditions such as allergies, high blood pressure, heart disease, thrombosis, diabetes or recent surgery or pregnancy. Various massages and applications must not be performed in the presence of these diseases or during pregnancy.



We ask for your understanding that we charge 80 percent of the booked service for applications that are cancelled less than 24 hours before the agreed appointment.

*All of our offered wellness services are exclusively non-binding and subject to change, subject to availability and feasibility due to current official restrictions by the Corona Pandemic. They are expressly not part of a concluded accommodation contract.