Table-laying breakfast

This is a great way to start the day.

Let yourself be pampered - right with the first rays of sunshine of the day. The "Tischlein-deck-dich" breakfast is the perfect start to the day. Following the brownie principle, the Chiemsee Chalet family prepares, almost silently and unnoticed, local delicacies for a dream breakfast in your chalet suite. Soak up the morning sun and the view and simply take your breakfast when you have slept in and are ready for the day.

Also culinary you will lack nothing: oven-fresh farmhouse bread, crispy rolls and delicious alpine butter. Our yogurt and cheese specialties come, among others, fresh from the "Anderlbauer" from Frasdorf, who produces organic sheep, cow and goat milk products by hand according to old tradition, and the organic dairy Hatzenstädt. The homemade jams from local orchards are a sweet treat. The honey also comes from our own apiary. Some weeks in the year there is even our real "Sagberger honey". Then the work of the honey bees can be observed directly at the edge of the forest of the Chiemsee Chalet, where the bee wagon is set up. On your stove all ingredients for the preparation of delicious egg dishes are already ready. Enjoy the morning hours in absolute peace and privacy.

Organic farm-Haslau